Plastics in a circular economy

Commitment to nature


Circularity by Material Design

  • Development of high performance films for food products with the incorporation of recycled and functional additives;

  • Development of functionalised biodegradable films – (acceleration of biodegradability).

or Processes

  • Multilayer film mostly in PE that incorporates recycled material for cheese packaging (packed only with a film) and can also be recycled once used;

  • Multilayer film with thermoforming capacity, mostly in PE, for vacuum packaging processed meat, which incorporates recycled material and is recyclable;  

  • Thin bag for packing fruit and vegetables, which can also be reused as a bag for household organics, and is produced with biodegradable materials that can be functionalised to accelerate biodegradability;

  • A biodegradable bag for home organic waste containers, compostable in 60 days in accordance with the practices of industrial composting plants in Portugal.