Plastics in a circular economy

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Consortium Meeting of the R&DT Better Plastics: Plastics in a Circular Economy Mobilizing Project

It took place on 27th September 2022, at ETSG - IPL, in Leiria, the meeting of the Consortium of the R&DT Better Plastics - Plastics in a Circular Economy which includes 25 entities, including companies, education and scientific research entities and associations), in which the results up to date of each PPS were presented:

PPS 1 - Circularity of Design Material

PPS 2 - Product Design Circularity

PPS 3 - Circularity through Recycling

PPS 4 - Circularity for Alternative Raw Materials

PPS 5 - Project Coordination, Promotion, Dissemination and Valuation of Results

This mobilizing project constitutes a true innovation ecossystem and aims to leverage the transition from the plastics sector to a circular economy.